Inoa Technologies


About our Datacenters

Secure, reliable hosting needs to built on a solid foundation.

We currently maintain servers at multiple major datacenters around the United States: in Michigan, Washington D.C., L.A., and Texas.

We have high standards in our selection. The datacenters are known have excellent reputations within the web hosting industry, both for their network connection as well as their on-site support staff. Each aggressively seeks new avenues of growth and have proven to be solid partners over many years.

Each datacenter provides:

  • Private and Secure Facilities (in some cases including closed circuit tv security cameras, 24/7 security patrol, man-traps and biometric security)
  • Tier-1 Premium Bandwidth with multiple Redundant fiber connections to major bandwidth providers
  • Fault tolerant power systems with backup emergency generators
  • 24/7 on-site support and around the clock server monitoring
  • Expert Server Hardening
  • A temperature-controlled server environment

We are happy to host your site at your preferred location. Hawaii clients will find that load speeds are about 60ms faster to LA than to the other datacenters. For Hawaii-based and West Coast clients, this is our recommended solution.

East coast and Midwest clients will be better served at one of the other datacenters.

Two of the datacenters we use are "green"—meaning a strong commitment to:

  • energy efficient servers, and decommissioning those that are less environmentally-friendly.
  • recycles 100 percent of all recyclable hardware components and meets or exceeds environmental requirements for the disposal of all non-recyclable, hazardous components.
  • contributes to reforestation projects at levels exceeding the overall draw the infrastructure by at least 10 percent.